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If the Texas Ground Coffee Co. is open do not pass them by! There is always room for a cream puff. Ok, you will not finish one by yourself, but try, try again. The cream is thick and smooth and there is plenty of it. You will not feel skimped in any way. With each bite you will get some of the thick chocolate coating on the top. My daughter and I cannot finish this alone, and we have big sweet tooths.

My family also loves their Tiramisu and one slice feeds two people. We are not coffee people, but we keep going back because these are soooo good!

aFood menu at Texas Ground Coffee Co

The Texas Ground Coffee Co is known for their delicious selection of pastries, low carb and even gluten free items.

These are the 2 items that are the “salty variety” if you are not a sweets person. They are easy to travel and delicious.

Food selection at Texas Ground Coffee Co

I have met clients here and plan to do so again. This is because the food is excellent, the atmosphere is quaint and the service is always helpful and friendly. You will not wait to be served and if I did, I would not mind because everyone is so friendly.

Texas Ground Coffee Co. Menu

Texas Ground Coffee Co. Coffee Club

Texas Ground Coffee Co coffee club
Texas Ground Coffee Co coffee club

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