Maddie loving her personalized pizza

Who likes pizza?! Well if your family loves pizza but not the same toppings or the same way these personalized pizzas are the way to go. We have one kiddo that does not like much cheese, how is that possible?! I load mine down with cheese, but a little sauce. The other kiddo likes a lot of sauce (see the burn marks on the pan).

The recipe, of course, varies depending on your topping choices. We like HEB Deli Pepperoni and Feta, but if I have sliced black olives I add some of those too. Use the large “Grands” biscuits for the crust and remember there are 8 in the container. We eat 2 each with a little salad, and we are not delicate eaters.

Ingredients For the Personalized Pizzas
  • Grands BISCUITS (8 biscuits in the container makes 8 mini pizzas)
  • Can of spaghetti sauce (you won’t even use half for 8 biscuits)
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Any topping you like (we like HEB Pepperonis from the deli and Feta Cheese)
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Preheat the Oven to 350 degrees
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Now open a can of biscuits. There are 8 biscuits per can so calculate how many cans you will need. We ate 2 personalized pizzas each so we only used one can this time!
rolling the biscuits flat scaled
Roll out each biscuit as flat as you would like. Remember they will rise some when baking so you can roll them pretty flat. We put down some parchment paper to have a big area to work. You can just use your hands and press flat and pull if that is easier.
add toppings to your pizza scaled
Spoon on some sauce to your liking. **You can add too much and they get soggy or it runs onto the sheet.
Then add cheese and toppings. You can see the varieties they had fun making. You can roll them up as shown and make a pizza roll.
Place them in the oven and set a timer for 14 minutes.
final pizzas scaled
Check out these final easy personalized pizzas! You can see some sauce ran off onto the sheet but no harm done. Mckayla says they still tasted perfect!
final pizzas2 scaled
Madisons creations, you can see, do not have as much cheese but have eyeballs!
Mckayla showing her pizza creation scaled
Mckayla showing off her personalized pizza she already started munching on while eating her salad. The biscuits make your crust a little sweet so consider using a spicier sauce.

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