Mary's Tacos exterior

Mary’s Tacos Hours:

Monday 6AM-1:30PM
Tuesday 6AM-1:30PM
Wednesday 6AM-1:30PM
Thursday 6AM-1:30PM


Who’s hungry for some TACOS!! Well this is THE place to go. It is fast and simple.

This family owned business is now in Helotes! It started at a little place in Kerrville and it is still there! Then they expanded to Boerne and now here. Aren’t we glad!

They are already busy. If you pass by Mary’s Tacos on Bandera Rd you will see the parking lot is full. It is busiest on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but it is not hurting during the week. LOL I went on a Monday for lunch and walked right up to the counter.

If you are traveling from 1604 you can turn at the “turnaround” across from the Methodist Church and it will take you directly into their additional gravel parking area.

Mary’s Tacos is not busy because they have the only tacos around. You can travel either way and get tacos from multiple places. It is busy because everyone loves them. Pick out a few items to try first and then branch out.

Mary's Tacos Open Every Day Breakfast and Lunch

What We Have Tried at Mary’s Tacos

Their most popular items are the Sean Special and Macho Sean Tacos (both pictured above). The only difference between these two tacos is the Macho has Rancharo sauce and spices added that gives it a little more flavor. It is not spicy and I even added their red salsa to mine.

The other Sean is the Silent Sean. The difference is it does not have beans….get it?!

By the way, all of the Special Tacos were names after the customers that created them at the original Kerrville location. Go Sean! You are now famous. If you cannot find your perfect combo on the menu you can still build your own taco by selecting 4 items of your choosing.

You now do not have to wait for the barbacoa specials you see at other places. Mary’s has it every day! But, unfortunately, no Big Red. The hangover cure will have to be the Menudo which is conveniently served on Saturdays and Sundays.

Other customers told me there tamales were wonderful and they enjoyed the green enchiladas as well. So that will be on my list to try. But first… Carne Guisada or Street Tacos. I’m sure someone out there has tried it. Let me know in the comments what you thought.

They open at 6AM for breakfast tacos and plates, and then offer the lunch plates from 11AM-1:30PM, right before they close. There is NO DRIVE THRU. So if you have that taco craving coming on, plan on going in. This is not hurting their business and they do not have plans to add a drive thru to any of their locations.

Check out the menu below and see what you would choose!

Mary’s Tacos Menu

Mary's Tacos Menu
Mary's Tacos Menu
Mary's Tacos Menu

The interior is nicely set up for groups of 4 or 5. Like the Boerne location they also have alcoves (shown below) that are great for a more private setting like families or even meeting clients.

Mary's Tacos sign

PS…Did you see the doll?

Don’t take her! She is just relaxing…

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  1. Great breakfast tacos! Love going each time I visit my sister who lives in Helotes.

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