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In the mood for a juicy burger?!

Well it is time to try my favorite at Longhorn Cafe, if you haven’t already.

Located inside 1604 near Culebra, this restaurant is an easy meeting spot for many. Coming from Helotes you will travel West on 1604 and exit Culebra and then do the turn-around. You will see it right passed Texas Roadhouse.


Longhorn Cafe Menu

longhorn cafe menu
longhorn cafe menu

Some Appetizers and Toppings

We love their fried mushrooms, but we can’t decide if we eat them with gravy or ranch dressing! Be sure to try both so you can decide for yourself. Their ranch is amazing!!

longhorn cafe specials menu

What We Love

Go figure, we love the burgers at this burger joint. I meat is always juicy and seasoned perfectly. I never have to add salt or pepper, which is unusual for me and I have no problem going without the cheese. Their bread is toasted so I a have a bad habit of eating the crunchy ring around the edges even when I am full and have already removed half of the bun.

My favorite technique is to cut the burger in half, pile all the condiments and meat onto one side and then consume half of a double burger with plenty of napkins. You need to try this! After the side salad with the fabulous Ranch dressing, picture shown below, I have to make sacrifices in order to finish that juicy burger. If the salad is not in your list of greatest hits get the tots that are crisped to perfection. Not a soggy one in the bunch.

For some, their chicken fried chicken and chicken tenders with gravy make ordering a hard decision. The kids tenders is a large portion and I have ordered it. It was that one time I make the life altering decision to not get a burger. I have known several people, including one of my kiddos, that rave about them. I, personally, like a Chicken Express tender and the Longhorn Cafe’s are definitely different. First, they are large, but they also have a sweet taste as if marinated in something sweet before battering them up and frying. This is also the case for their smothered chicken that has mushrooms and onions piled on top.

If you are on the Keto or Low Carb Diet you do have a great option I have had many times. It is called “The Horn” and you do not have to worry about taking off the bun. It is two patties with grilled onions and jalapenos in the middle. Add cheese if you would like. I know the onions are grilled, which is not as low carb friendly as uncooked, but they are a splurge. You can also decide how many jalapenos you would like. You will not be sorry you went to a burger joint or feel like you were missing out!

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