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La Cabana is Open

Mon-Thurs:     8am to 8pm
Fri-Sat:             8am to 9pm
Sun:                  8am to 3pm

Outdoor seating is available! or Call 830-612-2990 to place an order to go.

Welcome to Lakehills, TX located the the Texas Hill Country. I do not believe it is a full “Day Trip” but just not in Helotes. To make it a full day, drive on into Bandera and sit by the river.

We moved from Lakehills around 8 years ago and we still drive out to go eat here! If you are looking for a nice drive in the hills country that will give you glimpses of Medina Lake you have the right place to visit while you are there.

What to say about La Cabana?! We lived at Medina Lake for 5 years and loved it. If I had to take work home with me, my daughter and I stopped in here for a hot meal so I would not have to cook. Walk in, 20-30 minutes later, walk out, because they knew what we wanted…it is that kind of place.

Go inside and seat yourself so they can greet you with thin, crispy chips and hot sauce in a squirt bottle. This is perfect because you can use just enough for chips and then add it to your food easily also. Oh, it tastes great too. LOL Isn’t that how you gage a Mexican food restaurant?!

As for their actual food…I love their Carne a la Mexicana! It can be a little different every time you go, depending on how long it has simmered, but it is always delicious. Their Puffy Tacos are also a favorite. I always get one of each just so I do not have to choose. It is hard passing up on La Cabana’s rice sometimes because it really is the best, and I include San Antonio restaurants in that.

If those do not appeal then the Beef Fajitas are REALLY good. The cheese enchiladas, I suggest getting with Chili but there are several other local favorites… Street Tacos or Enchilada Verdes de Pollo.

A little inside knowledge… if you want to play a joke on someone, ask for their green (Verde) salsa. They will bring it in another squirt bottle but make sure they bring a glass of milk with them. LOL It is HOT!

Lets just say we took my daughter’s boyfriend, Eryn, and he added it to his fajita taco without tasting it first. After he took a big ol’ bite he looked at me like I kicked his puppy. It was priceless but he just said “You could have warned me”. So here I am warning everyone… HOT…IT IS HOT.

If you are there in the morning you get to have their Super Breakfast Plate with pancakes! They used to be Bryanna’s favorite. I think you can still get them for lunch and dinner so, why wait, get pancakes for dinner you rebel. And a Carne a la Mexicana taco too, of course.

La Cabana Menu

What We LOVE

If you are craving Mexican food but not up for the drive today click HERE to check out a local Helotes Mexican Restaurant.

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