Krause's Cafe Beer Garden

Ever had German food? Krause’s Cafe is something everyone should try. I am probably about 90% German but do not like German food. But here… you will find something great that you are used to in Texas. See below for our brunch pictures. It was so good…

What We Have Tried at Krause’s Cafe

I would give you more detail but there is not much to say except it was all great! The thick crispy bacon and the homemade biscuits are fabulous. The French Toast was a nice sweet treat. Everything was perfectly cooked including the ribeye. What would you have chosen? See the menu below…

Krause’s Cafe Menu

Go on in and pick out your picnic table! You can sit inside the building, inside the garden area or outside. There is plenty of room. I have been here for the Dachshund races they have and it was packed! Everyone was having so much fun…

Some of my favorite adventures are in New Braunfels. We love to go for water activities, visit friends and even the drive-in theater. See some more articles about what we like to do in the “What is nearby?” below.

Krause’s Cafe Hours: 

Monday 7:30AM-10PM

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