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When my daughter was 17 we started designing and coming with ideas for our matching tattoos. We knew she was going off to college and so it was a significant and meaningful decision. After plundering the internet searching for what others have done we saw some great ideas and plenty we liked, but we did not want what others have already done.

We took the time to really think about what “represented us” so we could look at it forever and think of the other. Knowing that we were designing our own we needed a true artist. So I created a rough draft, and I mean rough, of what we came up with.

So the search for an artist began. We went to several places to see what they had to offer. Some out of town. Some cheap. Some closest to home. Then we stopped by Ink Couture Tattoos in the Shaenfield Ranch shopping center off 1604.

Ink Couture Tattoos
Ink Couture Tattoos

You are not going to see books or collection of tattoos to chose from. You will see the owners and artists with some of their work scrolling through on the TV. You can then go to their website and read about each artist.

We ran into Justin out in the lobby and got to chit-chatting. Come to find out he was the artist that started Platinum Tattoo with his brother and is now working with Ink Couture. This was exciting because as reputations go, in the tattoo industry, he is excellent. He takes pride in his work and says “even if I had money and did not need to work, I would still be doing tattoos.”

Now, I will always mention, I am probably the cheapest person you know. And if you visit their site you can screenshot a $20 off coupon with a $220 session. This place is NOT CHEAP because I do know when you need to pay for what you want. It is always true…YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. This purchase is something significant enough to permanently place on your body and have true meaning… don’t skimp on the price.

my daughter getting a tattoo on her ankle

Here we go… Justin took the time to create our tattoo by taking our idea and making it better and exactly what we wanted. We did not feel pressure to hurry and just accept what he had done. He works on a tablet and can restructure what he had drawn out to make adjustments as needed. After putting up with my inappropriate hissing and sweating, he finished my tattoo. He had helped with color suggests and just seemed to know what I wanted. It turned out perfect!

Again let me mention, pride in their work. After it heals you go back for touch-ups because the last thing they want is their artwork being shown around town and it not being exactly what we want and looking as intended. Quality and Excellence!

We loved our experience, well as much as you can with that pain…LOL. We can vouch for Justin’s quality and after seeing some of the other works I can seriously say, you can not go wrong at Ink Couture Tattoos. Tell them Ronda @ Helotes Living sent you!!!

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