Honchos house of Churros food truck

Hello Churro Food Truck! I do not believe you have to worry about this one moving around. It seems to get plenty of business at this location. It is off Babcock, close to Huebner, in Marthas Mexican Restaurant parking lot.


Weekdays 6-10pm

Weekends 4-10pm

Tuesday Closed


honchos house of churros menu

What We Tried

We tried 4 filled Churros! This is mainly because I am always looking for the “deal”. Since they are 2 for $5 so I got the 4th for $1. This is because there were 3 of us and that would have been $9. The old math teacher never dies…please excuse this blurp. And, of course, we did not have a problem finding 4 flavors to try. We decided on Peanut Butter, Honcho Spiced Caramel, Nutella and Cream Cheese. The 9 year old LOVED them all but my daughter and I eliminated the peanut butter. Not because it was bad, but because it was not very flavorful. All could have been a little more potent in the flavor.

Next time I am going to try the minis with dipping sauce. I feel I could get more of the flavor dipping it myself. The filling of these is more sauce, which is what they state, but it does not stay IN the churro. You need to get to the bottom to taste the flavor and then a lot of the sauce is still in the bottom of the bag. No worries!

These “problems” LOL can be solved easily. 1. Just dip. 2. Do not eat in my truck and worry about making a mess. 3. Maybe it was just too hot outside…

cream cheese churro
Cream Cheese filled Churro
Nutella filled Churro
Nutella filled Churro

There is an actual shop in Alamo Height off Broadway that has a larger selection including Twines and Lassos. They look amazing and they also offer Cafe style drinks!

6421 Broadway Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209

Mon-Fri 4-10pm

Sat & Sun 12-10pm

Tuesday Closed

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