Peanut Butter Bacon Pancakes at Comfort Cafe

You Pay What You Want!

This is “that” cafe you have probably heard or read about already. I have seen it mentioned in several online communities around San Antonio. It is great food, great service and a relaxed atmosphere.

A cafe with a conscience and purpose. The Comfort Cafe is a Non-Profit restaurant that’s main goal is to raise money for families recovering from their addictions.


This location is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:00am to 4pm

We went on a Saturday morning and it was busy. Parking was a bit of a hassle and we had to wait 20min or so, but you will understand why when you start eating.

There is outdoor seating at this location also. But maybe you need more space for a gathering, so consider them for your next catering opportunity and let them bring it to you. Need a large feast at work or family holiday? Contact Terri Lopez (512)321-8336 for your customized menu.

Comfort Cafe Menu

Notice there are no prices on the menu. This is because you pay what you want!!! The only thing on the ticket is a written list of everything you ordered. My friend and I just pulled out our cash and left. Keep reading and I will show you the reason and opportunity to give…

What I tried

We loved our food! It was difficult to narrow down what we would get since there are so many great options. But we got these 3 and split them so I got to eat them all.

The Peanut Butter Bacon Pancakes are fluffy and delicious. You will definitely taste the peanut butter but it is not overwhelming or missed in the pancake batter. The bacon, I truthfully did not taste, since it was just sprinkles on top. It was not something I had to have with my peanut butter so it was ok to miss. I am a butter person, but these are the first pancakes I did not even use butter on, just a little syrup. We did not get to finish them, but we wanted to. LOL

The Benny was perfectly cooked with the runny (poached) egg on the sausage patty. It has a jalapeno hollandaise sauce but it was not spicy at all, it actually has a sweet hint to it. The potatoes are a great mix with the peppers mixed in for flavor.

The Italian Scramble is fresh and a very mild meal that will fill you up. The casserole was very cheesy and good but I did like the breakfast style potatoes better.

There will be a repeat visit so let me know what you recommend so I can try it next time. I’m thinking stuffed french toast. You?

The Purpose Behind Comfort Cafe

Learn more about the public charity Serenity Star here or see the pamphlet they leave at the tables for you to read more about their programs.

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