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Monday 11AM-9PM

Clear Springs Restaurant is one of my favorites! I have tried a few different plates but my main go-to is the Fried Catfish. Others have said the chicken fried steak is the best they have ever had…something about the gravy is a game changer.

What We Have Tried at Clear Springs Restaurant

Like I said…I love the fried catfish. It has a light cornmeal batter that has a kick to it. It is not spicy, just not bland. The hushpuppies also have jalapenos added to them so they can have more of a kick. You can order a few more as an appetizer or order the hushpuppies as a side on your plate. I do not recommend this because you only get 2 more and they are not very big.

As shown above, I did get the shrimp/fish combo plate once but I was not the biggest fan of the fried shrimp (different batter than the fish). I did love the grilled shrimp, though, and that is when I discovered their butter garlic oil they served with it. That put them over the top. So now I get the fried catfish plate with rice and broccoli and request that butter garlic. There is nothing like adding a few more calories/fat/cholesterol to make it a well balanced meal. YIKES!

For those that do not like seafood or fish you still have some of the best options in town at Clear Springs Restaurant. The chicken fried steak is always tender and flavorful. You can also see above that the chicken strips dinner is going to fill up any hungry man and maybe 2 kids all on its own. You will have leftovers if you do not share some!

If you are a first time visitor try the onion rings. You will not be disappointed. Some of us regular visitors do not get them every trip, unless we are taking guests, since we know we will be too full to finish our plates.

Unfortunately, I can not attest to any hamburgers or salads because I am not willing to give up what I love. I have not tried to desserts either, but I do not see how many people are able to after you are done eating.

Clear Spring Restaurant Updated Menu

As you can see below, this is not a small place. If you look carefully you can see some seating upstairs by the “ice” sign but what you can not see are the other 2 larger areas. I have been to larger birthday gatherings of around 30 people here that were really fun and laid back.

The building itself is kind of fun because you would swear at any minute it is going to give up the ghost and collapse. The floors are not level and the walls are not straight but it is part of the ambiance that I like.

You may have to wait on the picnic tables out front for a little while but it does not last too long and it is well worth the wait. Just a side note: they do not take reservations and the whole party needs to be there to be seated. An exception is with our large party of 30 where we were treated as individual tables since we were all sitting together.

clear springs interior
Clear Springs Restaurant: Best Fried Catfish around!

Some of my favorite adventures are in New Braunfels. We love to go for water activities, visit friends and even the drive-in theater. Whatever we do we try to visit Clear Spring Restaurant to fill us up before or after our fun. See some more articles about what we like to do in the “What is nearby?” below.

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