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6 Klick's Cafe: New Restaurant in Helotes

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Monday 11AM-5PM
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There is a new restaurant in town where the Chinese Food restaurant used to be behind Dairy Queen.

When you stop by you will meet the family that own and operate this new business. Krista and Robert (husband and wife) are the owners and their mom Melissa will be there too. Krista and Melissa work the front while Robert is working his magic in the kitchen.

Robert was a sniper in the military hence the name “6 Klick’s Cafe”. When he was wounded in the line of duty he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. He went to the Cordon Bleu New Orleans Culinary Institute and from there ran several different kitchens. The family is now here in Helotes showing off his skills.

His true passion is seafood so next time I will definitely be trying some blackened shrimp Cajun Pasta or maybe the Garlic Mushroom Pasta. I guess I will have to make that hard decision when I get there. Anyone want to join me so I can have both?! LOL

Next stop…. Bread Pudding! That will be the true test.

What We Have Tried at 6 Klick’s Cafe

These burgers were amazing. I had half of each and I could not tell you which I liked more. The hang-over burger is amply named and I could see it working for a nice brunch. The combination of egg, queso and hash browns…yummy.

The other burger has a flavorful chipotle sauce that will not bring the heat just the flavor. The bacon is thick and cooked to perfection. I do not think you will worry about it being too soft or crunchy because after sitting in that sauce on my burger it still had a nice crispiness. It makes me want to explore more with this restaurant.

Yes, the onion rings look great and taste just as good! I highly suggest the $1 upcharge from the fries. Not that the fries were bad with their sea salt but I prefer a good onion ring.

Check out the menu below and see what you would choose!

6 Klick’s Cafe Menu

saving alert

The interior is very spacious and welcoming. It is a tribute to our military and do not forget your 10% Military discount at checkout.

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  1. Patti & Dave Tuttle says:

    Goodness! We’ve wanted to try 6 Clicks and finally did today. FANTASTIC! Told my husband I want your Patty Melt once a week! Food was fabulous and Scilly was so sweet and service was great. Thank you for coming to our community. What a blessing to Helotes!

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